Friday, June 27, 2008

Settling in!

It is funny how things just fall in place, isn't it! Roy has settled into his job rather well. He deals with A LOT of issues everyday and he still needs to hire more nurses, but he really is happy! He seems so settled. Now, if the pain he suffers would only subside, all would be most well!!!! We had a really good appointment with our doctor yesterday and Dr. Jesse gave Roy a new medication that helps and he is sending Roy to PT for a TENS unit, which is very effective for the kind of nerve pain Roy suffers. We are hopeful!

We have really enjoyed re-connecting with our family and our friends! We are truly wealthy and are blessed with many rich relationships--family and friends. We are BLESSED!

I have decided to open a web store on Etsy is a marketplace of only handmade items. I am currently working on items to list and plan to "open" the store this weekend. (Gotta buy batteries for the camera so I can take the pictures for the website--Roy is going to help with the photos this weekend) I guess I can really begin meaning it when I say I am an artist--a "STARVING" artist!!!! I am laughing out loud!!!!! I am really enjoying "creating". It has taken me a while to find a place to create (I am so missing my basement studio that I had in Wisconsin.) And I have been very frustrated about it! Kay, my "best-est buddy", suggested I take the guest room closet & a folding table and "set up shop." What a great idea! I think I have spent too much time there because any time I walked down the hall, Bailey goes with me and stands in the guest room doorway! (She is my constant companion where ever I go in the house.) I tell her "No, it is not time to create right now!" and she looks rather perplexed about it!!! More info to follow on my store!!!!
Update on our dear friend Keith and his fight with cancer--It has been 9 1/2 months since the diagnosis and he is actually doing very well! Praise the Lord!!! The docs have started him on a new cancer med that he takes daily and things have settled down and no growth is found. Cancer research has progressed by leaps and bounds and remarkable things are being reached everyday!!!!!

God IS good!

Well, I need to get to work and CREATE!!!!

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